Meet Georges Helleux, Thermocoax’s Nuclear Business Developer

I’m Georges Helleux and I’ve been working at Thermocoax for a couple of years. I’m passionate about our products and, as the Business Developer for the nuclear market, I’m in charge of their marketing and sales. I define what we have to sell and where to sell it.

An experienced partner in the nuclear industry

This market tends to move slowly, so a long-term presence is necessary to make it profitable. It’s interesting to see that the approach we’ve taken and developed over the last year is proving successful. It’s a long journey, but a fruitful one thanks to the company’s support – TCX has always supported our effort. It’s also exciting to note that over the year, we have changed from being a component supplier to a system provider.”  

Based on our proven solutions and 60 years of operational experience, THERMOCOAX offers customers the most reliable product range for cabling systems, sensors and heating using MI cable technology.

Why choose Thermocoax ? 

Our people make the difference. It’s not a polite or political statement: it’s a reality that I have constantly experienced during critical situations. Thanks to our technology and people, motivation and expertise, we can always overcome challenging problems.”   

THERMOCOAX provides a complete set of solutions for each stage of the nuclear cycle:

  • Research reactors and nuclear power plants
  • Nuclear fuel production
  • Spent fuel reprocessing and waste management

What Thermocoax applications are available for the nuclear market? 

Our technology and expertise are used across the nuclear industry, from R&D in nuclear fusion or fission research reactors to nuclear electricity generation. We support designers, as well as companies specializing in instrumentation safety or primary loop components.

We can manage a diverse range of applications, including: 

Working to build the nuclear market of the future

For me, the future is bright and exciting. We are designing solutions for the most advanced reactors, be they SMR, fission or fusion or located in Asia, Europe or America. Carbon dioxide is finally considered to be a real problem and a part of the solution can be nuclear. I’m saying “a part” because the best energy is the one you don’t use. So, frugality or happy sobriety is a crucial concept for me.” 

Our mission is to provide our customers with more reliable and efficient services and solutions. We aim to be part of the new CO2-free nuclear renaissance.

As we specialize in custom designs, we maintain a wide spectrum of expertise in international construction codes and standards. You’ll find information about our diverse capabilities and products for the nuclear industry on our website.

One last question for Georges: who’s your hero and why? 

“My hero has always been Joseph Kessel, a writer who witnessed all the major events of the past century. At a comparatively modest level compared to him, I’ve also had the chance to travel around the world and be part of several major nuclear projects.”

Would you like to contact Georges and our team to discuss your needs? Don’t hesitate to request a quote and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.