High-precision In-core and Ex-core Sensors

Thermocoax produces a wide range of sensors for new-generation nuclear fusion power plants and research reactors. Discover our sensors applications.

In-core and ex-core sensors in next-generation NPPs must be able to withstand extreme radiation, temperature, humidity and pressure. Thermocoax manufactures a range of high-precision sensors for in-core instrumentation assembly that measure the radiation, temperature and the water level.

Our sensors are designed to offer high radiation and chemical resistance as well as uniform geometry along the entire cable length.

Sensors for Fusion, Fission and Test Reactors

Our applications are ideal for a new generation of fusion reactors, for example the international collaboration ITER, planned for full completion in 2035. Thermocoax proprietary manufacturing processes and operational track record make us your best partner for sensor solutions in the nuclear environment.

In-Core Thermocouple Sensors

Thermocoax thermocouple sensors can be used for temperature measurement at the fuel outlet, for prevention of nucleate boiling, and for radial distribution of the reactor core temperature. Our sensors are compliant with industry standard ASTM E235 and Class 1E safety requirements guaranteed for the full life of the thermocouple once installed.

We ensure consistency of the raw materials along the entire measurement chain to prevent coupling and interference. Furthermore, soft extension cables are available, with our proprietary mineral insulated technology. Dimensions can be determined in consultation with the client.

  • Type K sensor & ceramic connector
  • MI cabling
  • Soft extension cables
  • Accident-proof

Self-Powered Neutron Detector

Our SPND provides 3D representation of the neutron flux within the reactor core. Because Flux mapping is critical in nuclear power plants to maintain neutron economy. Our self-powered neutron detectors require no power supply. Moreover, with an operating temperature above 350 degrees C, they are suitable for use in Gen 4 power plants.

  • Available in linear or modular construction
  • Low sensitivity to gamma radiation
  • Dimensions according to client needs

Self-Powered Gamma Detector for Swimming Pool Reactor

Thermocoax offers a patented solution for gamma detection. Our SPGD is suitable for research reactors and requires no power supply. Designed with a short response time, our high flux and high dose compatible gamma detector is small compared to other sensors

  • Sensitivity in range of 20pA/kGy/h
  • Outer diameter 3.2 mm
  • CEA/CEN exclusive licence

Fast Response Ex-core Temperature Sensors

Manufactured to your specifications and our qualified configurations, Thermocoax fast-response ex-core sensors replace an obsolescent design. They are ideal for safety systems for containment temperature monitoring and for monitoring temperatures in spent fuel storage containers. Vibration and seismic test data and ‘response time’ are also available, at the client’s request.

  • RTD sensor Pt 100 for fast response
  • High insulation resistance values
  • Sensitive heads and connectors tested up to 1MGy

Thermocoax proprietary manufacturing processes and operational track record make us your best partner for sensor solutions in the nuclear environment.

High-precision in-core and ex-core sensors : technical data

For more detailed specifications and information about our sensors , please do not hesitate to request a quote.