Our operational experience shows that our proprietary manufacturing processes are the best qualified for in-core sensors in severe environment thanks to:

  • High radiation resistance
  • High chemical resistance
  • High precision internal construction
  • Uniformity of geometry along cable length


In-Core thermocouple sensors



  • Temperature measurement of fuel outlet
  • Radial distribution of core temperature
  • Protection against nucleate boiling on fuel

Key parameters:

  •  Raw material selection and sensor manufacturing processes determined by operational experience
  • Sensor design can comply with ASTM E 235
  • Dimensions according your specification
  • Same thermoelectric raw material along measurement chain to avoid coupling and interference.

 Product features :

  •  Type K thermocouple and associated ceramic metal connectors
  • Mineral insulated extension cables
  • Soft extension cables
  • 1E qualified: safety related
  • Accident “proof”: operable even after accident


SPND : Self Powered Neutron Detector


  •  Continuous 3D core condition representation
  • In-Core neutron flux sensors
  • SPND
  • Self-Powered Neutron Detectors


  •  Flux mapping, reactor power density
  • Continuous 3D core condition representation

Key parameters:

  • High reproducibility due to manufacturing process
  • No need for calibration so sensors not activated
  • Predictable burnup rate
  • Low sensitivity  to gamma radiation
  • Available with MgO or Al2O3 insulation material
  • Dimensions according your requirements

Product features:

  • Linear (continuous sheath for emitter and extension cable) or modular construction available
  • Linearity of signal versus reactor power
  • No need for power supply
  • Operating temperature permits use in Gen 4 reactors (far above 350°C)


SPGD : Self-Powered Gamma Detector



  •  Gamma dose rate measurement in research reactors

Key parameters:

  • High flux / high dose compatible
  • Self-powered: no power supply
  • Signal proportional to gamma field. Sensitivity in the range of 20pA / (kGy/h)
  • Short response time

Product features:

  •  Outer diameter 3.2 mm, short length: small dimensions compared with other sensors.
  • Patented solution CEA / SCK•CEN exclusive license


Fast response ex-core temperature sensors



  •  Safety systems for containment temperature monitoring: air and water
  • Spent fuel storage temperature monitoring

 Key parameters:

  • Sensor design based on your specifications and our qualified configurations
  • Wide range of configurations
  • A solution to manage obsolescence of an existing design

Product features:

  •  Rtd sensor (Pt 100) with fast response time
  • High insulation resistance values versus temperature
  • Sensitive heads and connectors tested up to 1MGy
  • Vibration and seismic test data available